RVO & FTC’s Dog Obedience Classes

RVO Club’s obedience classes are normally offered three times a year; January, March, and September. Our classes are very popular; often there is a waiting list. Avoid disappointment! Please call early to obtain a spot in the class of your choice. We consider our dogs first and foremost as pets and companions and believe that all dogs deserve responsible owners. Classes are taught based on positive reinforcement and behaviour shaping techniques.

We see every dog and handler team as individuals and training methods may be tailored for individual needs as required. We pride ourselves on our low student:teacher ratio. Your success is our success! For your dog’s protection, we require proof of inoculations for all classes. Bordatella vaccinations are strongly recommended. Puppies 10-16 weeks old are required to have a minimum of their first set of shots in their permanent inoculation series. Understand that participation in classes is not without risk to you or your dog. Please consult with your veterinarian should you have any concerns.